Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Levi's Roadwear Campaign with DJ Devina "Beatlicious"

Second collaboration between Red Lantern Production and Movieholic Production for Levi's Roadwear Campaign was making short film "Beatlicious" with cool, hip and beautiful, DJ Delizious Devina. As one of the well known female DJ in the country, Devina was chosen to be one of the ambassador for Levi's Roadwear Campaign, along with Andien, Radityadhika and Joko Anwar.

Since the beginning of this project, Devina had given her commitment of her time to get involve for the preparation. Within a very tight schedule, especially during weekends, she could spare her time to meet us for initial briefing and most important thing was for the wardrobe fitting. Fitting was really crucial concern for us, considering the brand that we had to work for was a clothing brand. It was necessary for the wardrobes to looked fit for their ambassadors.
Again, Acie, our stylist had to work hard for this matter. For Andien and Devina, she had to gather all the wardrobes from Levi's, with total of more than 70 pieces, clothing and accessories. Seriously, it was such a hard work within the wardrobe department.

Working closely with my director, Etienne Caesar, this time he had come up with a special treatment for "Beatlicious". Adjusting with Devina's music, he suggested to use a specific camera called "Go Pro". It was a really small camera with fixed lens that usually has been used for surfing or motorcycles competitions. It has specific movement and would give distortion as a final result. Because the size of this camera was so small, it can easily strap on the head to get a point of view shot, or in the chest to get the movement of body, when a DJ was spinning the instruments.

Another cause of headache from this project would be the location. Since we were going to use one location for the whole set of rooms, club, small club, studio, our Art Director, Windu, had to work out this whole idea within a small work space. He was almost going crazy with this condition, but then that's why we called art team "magician". They can create anything out of nothing.

It was 4 in the morning, and we were all still in Asia Afrika Street, Senayan area. It was really a tiring shooting because we had to design the production of 24 hours shooting, again because the consideration of so many locations needed and budget restrain. And Devina, once again showed her professionalism by committed with this production design. She was still happy to run around Sudirman area with high heels 2 o'clock in the morning. What a dedication!!! Salute!!!

Details of production crews as follow:
Director : Etienne Caesar
DOP : Deska Binarso
Art Dir : Windu Arifin
Wardrobe : Aciesekar
Editor : Ahsan Adrian & Hilman Ilyasa
Music : Andihika Triyadi

So, once again this was really another achievement for Red Lantern Production. It was just a pleasure to work for this HUGE brand with the people that we called friends.

Thank you Movieholic Production, Narrada Communication and Levi's Indonesia for this amazing opportunity.....

Monday, July 18, 2011

Levi's Roadwear Campaign with Andien "My Choice"

Yes, this beautiful young lady is Andien, one of the most talented Jazz singers in Indonesia. Red Lantern Production in collaboration with Movieholic Production, had this opportunity to work with her and several other talented young people in Levi's Roadwear Campaign. Together with Narrada Communication as the digital advertising agency, this project has become a very successful campaign.

There were so many pressure in working for this project, mainly because it had this HUGE brand that we had to carry. Ok, tell me, who have never heard of the brand "Levi's"? Anyone who live on the planet Earth, I think at some point in their lives have heard this brand. "Levi's"has been a brand that represent youth and rebellious for so many years. It becomes an icon and trendsetter in fashion industry. Very famous for the denim jeans, "Levi's" remains the ultimate players in denim brands.
And the pressure continued. Not that we were dealing with big brand, we were also dealing with a tight schedule and timeline because "Levi's" had chosen well known ambassadors for this campaign, which each one of them had a tremendous unbelievable schedules. Let's the headache began...

"My Choice" was written mainly about the story of Andien since her early days of becoming a Jazz singer. With the treatment as a photo journal, we had to come up with something that was not just plain ordinary (then again, we were dealing with this HUGE brand!). Finally, we came up with this idea of making a short film but with a treatment of combination still photos and videos.

In between her hectic days preparing for the biggest Jazz event in Indonesia, Andien had finally be able to do this shoot on a cloudy
Saturday in the end of February 2011.

And to my surprise, I had been given the biggest opportunity to direct this short film. Yes, ME!! Finally, after all these years just happy by producing in every project, I got the chance to be in a director seat again. I can't believe how I miss the feeling of having this privilege.

Our other challenge would be from wardrobe department. All the wardrobe for Andien were provided by "Levi's". However, because she is very petite (smaller than the size small), it was really difficult for us, especially for Acie as the stylist, to find perfect wardrobes with the right size for Andien. With some help from pins, needles, and even binder clips, we can make all the wardrobes fit for her.

Here are the details of production crew for this project:
Director : Dian Lasvita
DOP : Deska Binarso
Art Dir : Windu Arifin
Wardrobe : Aciesekar
Editor : Hilman Ilyasa
Music : Andhika Triyadi
Production: Devita Handini

It is, our biggest achievement so far, for my self and also for Red Lantern Production.

Thank you Movieholic Production, Narrada Communication and Levi's Indonesia

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Fate Brought Me to Raja Ampat

So, here's the story of a "not so called adventurer" girl, got really lucky to have the opportunity to visit one of the most wanted diving destination in the world, Raja Ampat Islands in West Papua. Maybe it didn't make sense to lots of people that I, this city girl, who can't really swim not even dive, who got seasick when traveled by boat, got this huge "jackpot" to go and done some research for the government project in this breathtaking islands.
How breathtaking is Raja Ampat? Hmm.... let's see....

Well, it's so breathtaking view, isn't? These pictures were taken on our only 2 days trip in Raja Ampat. According to the local authority, in order to fully enjoy the beauty of Raja Ampat, at least we have to stay minimum of 7 days up to 12 days. I can't imagine what kind of pictures that I can take if I stayed there longer.... Lots of people will go ballistic with envy :D

Raja Ampat or Four Kings, were named because back in those old days, there were Four Kings who ruled the islands. It Consists of four majors islands Waigeo, Salawati, Batanta and Misool. As hidden up north in the bird head of Papua, Raja Ampat is well known as the richest underwater biota in the world. Therefore, it is the ultimate destination for divers or adventurers around the globe.

Ok, so no doubt that Raja Ampat is beautiful. But as old people said "no pain no gain", I'll tell you why people went ballistic when I got to go to Raja Ampat. Papua Island is on the far east of Indonesia. It took almost 6 hours to get to Sorong, which is the closest city and airport. My team and I, we took a midnight airlines in order to be there in the morning. And flights to Sorong are limited. Apparently, not every flights have the route up to Sorong, Papua.
So, here's the route to Raja Ampat, and believe me, it's not even close there. We flew from Jakarta to Ambon, and changed to small planes with propellers another an hour and a half to Sorong. From Sorong, we took speed boad to the biggest city in Waigeo for 2 hours. YES!!! Two freaking hours on the boat crossing the ocean.... Like, freaking OCEAN!! Thanks to mint candies which helped me not to humiliate myself in from of everybody.

And my misery continued. There were only ocean wherever I go, so I had to endure myself for another 2 days in the boat of islands hoping. And this coward girl became so blessed when she had to face the nature like this. Felt like human were nothing compare to powerful nature.

Two days were gone so fast and we had to go back to the mad city again. I had to prepare a presentation about Raja Ampat for trade expo in Den Haag. Gosh.... I can't believe that I was in Raja Ampat....
Yes, I can scream on top of my lung "UNBELIEVABLE!!!! I was in Raja Ampat, it was a wonderful way to close the year....

Dec 2010, Raja Ampat, Papua Indonesia

Cure for D'SOUL

Starting the year of 2011, Red Lantern Production had worked for another music videos from E-Motion Ent with their new artist D'Soul, as the winner of LA Light Start Up 2010. The song called "Bersenanglah" and with the spirit of the song as we called it "having fun", we traveled to Bogor to shoot the music video.

Jungle was chosen for the location because we needed a huge street which not over crowded with cars and motorcycles. Why? Because we used this beautiful red antique "Impala 61" (Gosh, I wasn't even born that year) for the band members to get around in the storyline. The quest to find this red beauty was another story to tell. With (then again) limited budget that we had, we needed to find an antique car which obviously not cheap.
After several headaches away, several options to look at, we came across with this beauty. Good condition, available and definitely within our budget concerns. It was a really good bargain and really proud to have her on the set looking stunningly beautiful.

Working for this project was such a wonderful thing to start the year. With this up tempo song, it also gave us more spirit to be better, achieve more and work harder for the days to come. Another highlight from this project of course "the Andy Warhol Banana". It was just a pleasure to the eye, but painful as it was to one of the band member who had to wear it all day. Thanks to my Director, Etienne Caesar who happened to love Warhol so much, he had to endure the "pain" for this banana. But it was such a joy to watch him walking around with the big yellow fruit on his body.

"Bersenanglah" by D'soul was produced by the same crews as follow:
Director Etienne Caesar
DOP Deska Binarso
Art Dir Windu Arifin
Editor Erdi
Production Devita Handini

And as the song said, "Bersenanglah" or have fun.... love what you do, do what you love, and live life to the fullest....

Friday, November 26, 2010

Red Lantern's first "Public Service Announcement"

Finally, Red Lantern Production was able to produce its first Public Service Announcement. My heart was filled with joy. Within only few months old, Red Lantern Production was able to achieve this far. I couldn't be more proud with this achievement. After a long over due pre-production, early this November, we were starting to shoot this project.
Due to limitation of budget, we couldn't have the proper concept for this PSA. Therefore, we had to go around the city to meet all of these amazing women who have their own business. They are all housewives, with household responsibilities, husband and kids to look after. Regardless all that, they still have the passion to work on their own business from zero.
Talking with them, sharing their stories about family and life, had made me admire their effort and preserverence with the work that they do. This "Mbok Jamu", had to wake up early in the morning just to prepare all ingredients for making the juice. Around 8 o'clock, she went to the market and stayed there until noon. Afterthat, she took her bicycle and sold the herb juice from door to door. She just gave birth to a beautiful baby girl months ago but this didn't stop her from selling herb juice everyday.
This is just one story out of so many interesting stories I've heard from doing this project. And they inspire me to work harder to make Red Lantern fly so high in the sky...

Project : PSA women entrepreneurs with cooperative and small scale enterprise
Duration : 30'
Director : Etienne Caesar
DOP : Deska Binarso
Art Dir : Windu Arifin
Editor : Ahsan Adrian
ProdMgr : Devita Handini

Thursday, October 21, 2010

One Day in a Tea Plantation

The tea plants grow like a green carpet.

From these leaves, I enjoy my cup of tea everyday

Through their hands, the leaves are finally served as a good drink to warm the heart

Still a long way to go before it ends in my cup

And the machine will make those leaves perfect

A cup of tea surely can warm me and make my day better....